Welcome to Hemnes! Did you know?


The friendly Municipality of Hemnes is situated in the heart of Helgeland – between sheltered seas and exotic glaciers. People who are proud to call Hemnes home really treasure our magnificent surroundings, and we eagerly use the great outdoors.

A good example is the Okstindan mountain range, which encompasses Oksskolten (1916 m), the highest mountain in Northern Norway, and the Okstindbreen glacier. Glacier arms stretch in every direction, and the surrounding area is dotted with beautiful lakes large and small. This pristine wilderness is found just a short distance from lush farms, hamlets and villages.

Rabothytta, also known as DNT Cabin No. 500, opened in August 2014. It’s easy to understand why this elegant modern cabin, perched at the very edge of the glacier, is a popular destination.

On a warm summer day, you can take a mountain trek and then chill in the fjord – or, if you prefer, in one of our rivers or in Røssvatnet, the second largest lake in Norway. Røssauren is a popular swimming site on this lake, complete with barbecue pits and public toilets.

Anglers will take delight in knowing that in Hemnes their options are literally inexhaustible. Perhaps you want to try to catch a record-sized salmon in the Røssåga river?

Hemnes has a many festivals on its cultural calendar, especially during the summer. Come join us for the Boat and Fjord Festival, or Hemnes Jazz, both with Hemnesberget as the central venue. And then there is the Kamkaka Festival – a celebration of local bread and baking traditions. In August you can enjoy Klemetspelet, a historical play presented outdoors at the foot of the Okstindan mountains, in which the real story unfolded.

Of course Hemnesberget offers far more than festivals. There’s a good guest harbour at Lapphella, adjoined by listed wharfs and old wooden buildings. In many of these you now find artist studios, craftsmen’s workshops, and galleries.

If you are in a hurry, we suggest that you at least take the time to drive across Korgfjellet, a scenic alternative to the E6 national highway. At the top of this mountain pass, at 555 metres to be precise, you will find a friendly tavern where you can enjoy soft-ice or other refreshments while peering out over the majestic panorama of the Okstindan range and Svartisen glacier.

There is so much more to tell you about our community, and we are currently working on a new website with more information in English. For now, the best information we can give you is in the brochure below (“Welcome to Hemnes - from 2018, but still good). Check the tab “Arrangementer” for festivals this year, and “Overnatting” for links to various lodging.

Welcome to Hemnes
– a creative community in the heart of Helgeland


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- Oksskolten (1916 m) is the highest mountain in Northern Norway.

- Okstindbreen is the eighth-largest glacier in Norway

- Austre Okstindbre is one of Norway’s oldest glaciers, and is especially interesting to climate researchers

- Rabothytta cabin is named in honour of Charles Rabot. In 1883 the French glaciologist, explorer and friend of Fridtjof Nansen, made one of the first recorded ascents of Oksskolten

- Røssvatnet is Norway’s second-largest lake

-Røssåga is a renowned salmon fishing river

- Kamkaka, a local bread from Hemnes, has long traditions, and was mentioned by the 17th-century Nordland poet Petter Dass

- Idyllic Hemnesberget has a lively boat scene, and many exciting artists and craftsmen have their studios and galleries here

- Hemnes’ coat of arms shows a golden boat-builder’s clamp on a blue background, symbolising the area’s ancient traditions. Since we started counting in 1850, more than 200,000 boats have been built in Hemnes

- The Leif Eirikson, a replica of the ship sailed by the Viking explorer to the New World, is displayed in its own park in Duluth, Minnesota. Crafted by the skilled boat-builders on a farm in Leirskardalen, the replica ship sailed across the Atlantic in 1926

- On 10 May 1940, Allied bombers sank the steamer SS Nordnorge, which had been seized by the Germans and was being used to transport troops and military materiel. The shipwreck lies on the bottom of the fjord just beyond the quay at Hemnesberget

- A Sámi man named Klemet Persson, who was Rabot’s guide on his expeditions in Okstindan, lived beneath a cliff overhang at the foot of the mountain. He was reputed to be a shaman. His story is presented in a biannual historical musical play (www.klemetspelet.no)